Blumatix Intelligence GmbH –
Artificial Intelligence for Documents

Blumatix is a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Since 2016, we have been developing and operating our BLU DELTA invoice and document capturebased on the latest research results in AI.

BLU DELTA is used by our partners, in international corporations, and also in medium-sized companies.

Our vision

“We are on the path to completely automate the exchange of information between companies using Artificial Intelligence. All without any effort for the companies.”

Martin Loiperdinger, CEO Blumatix

“If companies would invest their energy into creating an Artificial Intelligence that simply understands documents and data, instead of standardizing data exchange (such as e-Invoice, EDI & Co.), we could solve the problem of seamless, cross-company document exchange within a few months.”

Christian Weiler, CSPO Blumatix Intelligence

BLU DELTA AI: Understanding documents instead of memorizing them

Our product: BLU DELTA

BLU DELTA is the product of our vision – the Artificial Intelligence already processes more than 25 million documents worldwide every year.

Our partners

“The goal is to create a product that our partners are happy to integrate into their own products and share with their customers. This includes engaging on an equal footing with a corresponding appreciation.”

Martin Loiperdinger, CEO Blumatix